Summer Spotlights

Carla Dias ' 21 spent the summer 2019 at Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station studying the Humboldt squid.
Charlotte Kunesh '24 is originally from Dayton, Ohio. Her two deepest passions are science and theater.
Carson received funding through Princeton's Streicker Fellowship. She spent her summer in the prevention wing of the trauma department at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital on work that might prevent car accident-related deaths
Nanako returned to the country of her birth and ambitiously took on two research internships in summer 2018.
Interested in spending a summer near home and supporting her local community, Elizabeth worked as a scribe at Casa De Salud, a non-profit community health clinic that provides clinical and mental healthcare services to uninsured immigrant populations throughout the St. Louis metropolitan region.
Claire gained independence, new data analysis skills, and helpful perspectives from diverse colleagues through her GHP internship with the Peace Corps Office of Global Health and HIV in Washington, DC.
Tianyi participated in data analysis and research at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam through the GHP summer internship program, but as importantly, she valued the cultural immersion in Hanoi.
Colin held a human heart in his hands as an Operating Room Tech in the hospital in his home town.
Elisabeth gained an inspirational mentor by connecting with a physician speaker who came to campus. She shadowed the physician during the school year and joined her for a summer at New York Presbyterian Hospital.
Coming to Princeton with an interest in Classics, Marina participated in a Global Seminar in Greece where she gained awareness and appreciation of the juxtaposition of modern and ancient cultures.
Ruchita spend the summer after her first year in Germany working in the surgical department of a teaching hospital through Princeton's German department Summer Work Program.
Andrew Hersh ‘18 spent his sophomore summer in Israel, where he received EMT certification and worked with the Magen David Adom ambulance team.
Vivian is an electrical engineering major and an aspiring physician with a strong interest in robotic medical devices. She spent three months working in a lab that works on soft bioelectronic interfaces that can be used in humans for medical applications in beautiful Geneva, Switzerland.