Summer Research Opportunity Links

Use these databases if you seek research experience in the US, beyond the scope of the University, perhaps testing out your interest in a particular academic medical institution. If you find a program is no longer available or an organization no longer exists, or have any questions, please let us know.

Princeton Sponsored

HPA Summer Opportunities Spreadsheet

A google spreadsheet of summer opportunities. Highlighted opportunities are also shared weekly in our Vitals newsletterPrinceton login required.


Search for jobs/internships posted by organizations interested in hiring Princeton students.

Office of Undergraduate Research

Database of Princeton programs.

International Internship Program (IIP)

International opportunities for first-years, sophomores, and juniors.

Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS)

Many research opportunities with alumni mentorship.

Medical and Health-Related

Association of American Medical Colleges

AAMC MD/PhD Opportunities

MD-PhD summer research opportunities for those considering careers as physician scientists

NAAHP Prehealth Opportunities

The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) provides links to opportunities for the benefit of student advisees - includes traditional med opportunities in addition to many in other health professions.

Science Research

National Science Foundation

The NSF maintains a searchable database of funded undergraduate research experiences. 

Pathways to Science

A non-profit dedicated to expanding access to STEM.

RIT Database

Expansive list of links by category.

Prehealth Advising Offices

If you're searching for opportunities in a particular geographic region, access prehealth advising and departmental websites for colleges and universities in the area. They may list local opportunities for their prehealth students!

Brandeis University

Links to Boston area opportunities.

Columbia University

Summer internships in Biology - local and national link list.