Major Choices

There is no “premed” major. Students from all majors at Princeton have gone on to pursue medicine. Health professions schools seek well-rounded students who demonstrate strong ability in the sciences, but also demonstrate a broader interest in the human condition. About one-third of our applicants to medical school are non-science majors.

Questions to consider:

  • What do I like to study?
  • Beyond knowledge gained, how will my major help me learn to think, analyze, and communicate in new ways, and how will that apply to medicine or other careers?
  • What kinds of questions do I want to answer in my independent work?
  • What are the faculty and students in the department like?
  • Will I have time to pursue this concentration alongside my other interests?

Most Popular Concentrations for Princeton Applicants Accepted to Medical School, 2018-2022

  1. Molecular Biology
  2. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Psychology
  5. Neuroscience
  6. Public & International Affairs
  7. Chemical & Biological Engineering
  8. History
  9. Anthropology
  10. Computer Science

HPA Majors & Medicine Guide

This slideshow includes an overview of how premed requirements interact with different Princeton majors.

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