Experiential Preparation

Beyond classes, prehealth students should seek experiences that will prepare them for future careers.

Core Competencies

Medical schools have developed a list of core competencies that they seek in entering medical students. Premeds should reflect on what activities are helping them to develop and/or demonstrate these competencies.

Clinical Experience

It is essential for you to gain some real-world perspective on whatever form of medicine interests you (human, vet, dental). 

Service and Civic Engagement

At its heart, medicine is a service profession. You are committing to making a difference in others’ lives as a health care professional, and there’s no reason to wait until you’ve become one to help others.


Medical schools value research in part for what it reveals about the researcher; for example, pursuing research may provide evidence of your intellectual curiosity, commitment to learning and discovery, ability to work in a team, and ability to read and critique scientific literature

Summer Opportunities

HPA shares health-related summer opportunities offered on campus and beyond, and provides advice on how to maximize your summer.

Student Organizations

Connect with peers around health-related topics.