The Need for Clinical Experience

It is essential for you to gain some real-world perspective on whatever form of medicine interests you (human, vet, dental). 

If you don't have time for significant health-related experience during the school year, plan on it in the summer.  Gain some sense that medicine will be satisfying to you and that you will have something to give your patients and the profession.  This should be your first priority if you are considering health professional school, done before or during your time in the prehealth courses.  Also, please note:  you will want to develop and sustain your exposure to clinical practice, not rely on what you “did back in high school” or with family members in medicine.


Use the networking and shadowing guides to connect with health professionals.


A discussion around the value of clinical experience, and how to find it with HPA peer leaders.

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Local Opportunities

Work with individuals with healthcare needs in the Princeton area.

Summer Opportunities

A sampling of internships and other ways to gain clinical experience over the summer.