Professional school prerequisites

HPA recommends fulfilling the prerequisites for your public state medical schools because your state schools hold seats for in-state students and may be a good choice financially.

Med School Prerequisites

This google sheet compiles the science, math, English/writing, and other prerequisites for US MD and DO, dental, veterinary, and PA programs. 

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Prerequisite FAQs

Extensive FAQ based on questions asked by Princeton students.

Allopathic Medical School Reports

AAMC MSAR reports capture individual allopathic medical (MD) school policies, including prerequisites, MCAT "expiration" dates, and more.

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MSAR for MD Programs

The AAMC Medical School Admissions Requirements website offers in-depth information about each allopathic medical school, provided by the admissions office.

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Osteopathic Medical School Explorer

Choose DO Explorer captures individual osteopathic medical (DO) school policies, including prerequisites, MCAT expiration dates, and more.