Four-Year Planning

Incoming students often worry about fitting all of the prehealth requirements into eight semesters. HPA advisers, departmental representatives, and others can help you map out your coursework. 

Here are some tools to use in your planning:

Additional recommendations:

  • Start with one science. Adjusting academically and socially to Princeton is challenging. Lab-based science courses are especially time-intensive. Successful prehealth students give themselves time to adjust to the rigor of Princeton before taking on more than one lab class in a term. 
  • Plan in pencil. Give yourself permission to discover new interests and explore new paths along the way. 
  • Visualize possibilities. Make four-year plans for different majors, certificates, etc. that you're considering to see how they compare to each other.
  • Consider life beyond classes. For some students, it helps to jot down significant co-curriculars and other experiences in a four-year plan. We have included your entrance exam and application in the timeline provided. Add in other significant activities as desired.