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The following list of programs is by no means complete, but included here are programs where alumni have found success.  

Program name Program description

Boston University Medical & Dental Enhancement Programs

The Master of Arts in Medical Sciences (MAMS) can be completed in one or two calendar years and includes a thesis component.

The Master of Arts in Medical Sciences (MAMS) Oral Health Sciences Track is designed specifically for students who wish to improve their credentials for dental school admission. As a MAMS Oral Health Sciences Track student, you will take courses at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (BUGSDM) as well as courses offered through GMS at the School of Medicine.

In addition, optional course work is available in a variety of disciplines, including public health, health care management, mental health or clinical research, for both pre-med and pre-dental students.

Brown - Alpert Medical School MS in Medical Sciences The MS in Medical Sciences program will give you a rigorous foundation in biomedical science, as well as an opportunity to explore first hand the complexities of today's healthcare system.
Columbia University MS in Human Nutrition The Masters in Human Nutrition at Columbia University is a one year program that provides rigorous science courses within the context of nutrition. 

George Squared

George Squared is a partnership between Georgetown and George Mason that prepares 70-80 students for health professions school in a 20 credit certificate program. The G2 program is located at the Science and Technology Campus of George Mason University in Manassas, VA. Students can enroll in an optional summer at Georgetown to complete a Masters degree.

Georgetown University

Since 1975, Georgetown University School of Medicine has conducted a special program leading to a Masters of Science degree in Physiology.  This program, called The Special Master's Program (The SMP), is tailored to college graduates who wish to strengthen their credentials for application to U.S. medical schools. The Georgetown Special Master's Program is the first and longest running program its kind.  Georgetown also offers the Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies Program for students from minority, disadvantaged and under-served populations, whose disadvantaged circumstances have contributed to modest academic credentials.

Harvard University Extension School

As Harvard University’s primary resource for continuing education for a century, Harvard Extension School Health Careers Program offers an open and comprehensive academic curriculum, with courses and programs to meet the interests and needs of a diverse public. Introductory and advanced science courses are offered, mostly in the evening to accommodate working professionals.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Master of Biomedical Science

The Icahn MSBS program is a research-intensive, three-semester program designed to prepare students for advanced studies. Students complete a thesis in biomedical sciences, systems biology, or neuroscience.
Johns Hopkins University Post-Bac Health Science Intensive Program The Johns Hopkins University Post-Bac is a one-year program that culminates in a MS in Biotechnology. The focus is on academic enrichment in the sciences alongside professional development as a future health care provider, emphasizing teamwork, communication skills, and the psychosocial determinants of health. 
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health  Postbac students have enjoyed programs including the MS in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology and the MHS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology prior to attending medical school.
Keck Graduate Institute

Keck Graduate Institute offers a number of post-bac program options, including a certificate and a master's degree. The program offers course work as well as extensive support on application preparation, including MCAT class, mock interviews, and visits to medical schools.

New York Medical College

New York Medical College's Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences offers a traditional (two-year) and an accelerated (one-year) track.

University of Pennsylvania

The pre-health specialized studies program at the University of Pennsylvania’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) gives you access to an Ivy League education to bolster your academic credentials and update your knowledge of advanced topics in the biomedical science.

Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School Dental Scholars Program

The Dental Scholars Program is designed for students interested in applying to U.S. dental schools. The Dental Scholars Program leads to a graduate degree (Master of Science or Master of Biological Science) that can also be used as a qualification for other careers.

Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Master in Biomedical Science

The MBS Program at Rutgers - RWJ provides courses focusing on the basics of medical sciences, such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology & Immunology and Medical Biochemistry.  Other features include a Patient-Centered Medicine Seminar to round out the educational experience, and the opportunity for personal interaction with RWJ Medical School faculty. To complete the MBS degree, students are paired with faculty mentors to conduct their individual Capstone projects. Requires MCAT/GRE scores and two letters of recommendation.

Temple University Advanced Core in Medical Sciences Program

Temple ACMS students enroll in a full-time, 10-month program of graduate study taught by medical school faculty, with MCAT preparation for those who require additional prep. After successful completion of the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program, students enter the MD Degree program at Temple University School of Medicine.  

Texas A&M Master of Biomedical Sciences Texas A&M Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a Non-Thesis concentration has a curriculum designed for students who wish to gain academic preparation beyond the undergraduate degree before entering a professional program of study or employment in healthcare.
Tulane University Masters in Human Genetics

The Hayward Genetics Center at Tulane University Health Sciences Center provides a One-Year Masters Degree Program in Human Genetics.  This program is designed to give graduates an in-depth understanding of the rapidly advancing field of human genetics and help prepare for careers in the health sciences.


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