Postbaccalaureate Programs

There is no single “correct” path to medical, dental, or veterinary school. Postbaccalaureate (or postbac) programs allow students to take classes after graduation. 

There are two main types of programs: career changers and academic record enhancers. There are also programs specifically focused on increasing the success of students who are underrepresented in medicine in terms of their race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

Career Changer Programs

For students with no or few science prerequisites.

Record Enhancement Programs

For students who need an academic “boost” from courses taken after graduation.

HPA Postbac FAQs

See more in the Life After Graduation FAQ.

Postbac Program Resources

Princeton University does not have a postbac program. If you are a Princeton student applying to postbac programs, please refer to these guidelines. Any Princeton student or alum who seeks advice about postbac programs is welcomed to contact our office.