Surgical Assistant for Mohs Micrographic Surgeon (Wellesley, MA)

Gap Year Job Description

Seeking highly motivated college graduates on pre-medical track who wish to gain exposure to a surgical subspecialty for a 1-2 year position from 2021 – June 30, 2022/3. 40+ hours per week. 

Job requirements:

Primary surgical assistant for a Mohs surgeon in Wellesley. Job responsibilities include scheduling surgeries, ordering and following up on labs for patients on anticoagulation prior to surgery, performing pre-operative telephone evaluations. Chart preparation by reviewing complete medical histories under direct supervision of RN. On clinic days you will room patients and recheck medical histories, take blood pressures, and report to RN or MD. You will also be required to circulate in the surgical suite to provide MD and RN with operating supplies.

Additional duties include ordering medical supplies, performing steri-cycle of surgical instruments, informing patients of biopsy and culture results under supervision of MD and RN and updating schedule daily to fill cancellations and ensure appropriate flow. Responsibilities will include updating tumor files, stocking carts, preparing and coordinating biopsies. You will be trained in EPIC as scribing of surgical templates and pre-and post-operative notes and letters is a critical part of this job. The ideal applicant is confident, mature with common sense, the ability to forward think on their feet and to trouble-shoot basic problems and triage clinical issues independently. Applicant should excel at dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Applicant must be someone who always goes above and beyond and is not afraid of long days and hard work. This is mandatory to keeping patients safe and is great training for medical school and residency. 

Interested applicants should send resumes to Dr. Jessica Mosher at by June 30.