Research Tech at Weill Cornell (New York, NY)

Position:          Research Technician II        

Department:    Medicine                     DIVISION:     Hematology/Oncology

Reports to:      Effie Apostolou, PhD    Contact:           


The Apostolou lab is studying molecular mechanisms governing cell fate changes during somatic cell reprogramming, development and tumorigenesis. We are looking for enthusiastic and driven candidates with passion for science and high sense of responsibility. The successful candidate should split their responsibilities at a 30:70 ratio between taking care of general lab organization/management and performing research for ongoing exciting projects. He/she will be an integral part of a diverse and expanding research team, participate in lab meetings, journal clubs and ongoing or future manuscripts.


  1. Cell Culture of embryonic stem cells and cell lines.
  2. Plasmid preparation. Virus preparation. Cell infection and transfection.
  3. Standard molecular biology assays (e.g. DNA, RNAs, protein extraction, cloning, PCR, Western Blot)
  4. Training on and execution of advanced biochemical assays (e.g. Chromatin and protein Immunoprecipitation, Chromosome Conformation Capture, library preparation for next-generation sequencing)
  5. Advanced microscopy methods (e.g. DNA/RNA FISH, time-lapse live imaging)
  6. Mouse handling, breeding, genotyping. Isolation of mouse tissues from adults or embryos.
  7. Organize equipment and reagents. Place and organize orders. Ensure laboratory is in compliance with safety and environmental regulations.
  8. Contact vendors and service personnel when needed.        


  1. Bachelor's degree
  2. Two-years minimum research experience.
  3. High-degree of enthusiasm for science and experimental work.
  4. Strong sense of responsibility.
  5. Excellent communication skills.
  6. Minimum 2-year commitment.


Strong background in mammalian cell culture, cell and molecular biology and handling of mice.

Ability to work both independently as well as in a team. Proven writing skills.

The applicants should send a cover letter, their CV and the contact information of at least 2 referees to