Research Specialist Position in Cardiac Surgery Research, Penn Med (Philadelphia, PA)

The lab of Dr. Pavan Atluri is looking for a full-time research specialist.  This position would be ideal for graduating students or established investigators looking for a research opportunity.  This opportunity will be focused on translational tissue engineering based cardiovascular research.  It will provide a thorough exposure and training before beginning graduate or medical school for younger investigators. For more seasoned, senior investigators it is our hope that the Researcher will be able to be a leader in the lab and will help drive investigation, develop hypotheses, and lead the lab team.  The lab is focused on developing the careers of our entire team and will ensure that candidates are set-up to meet future goals. 

Our translational research lab is currently focused on developing novel regenerative cardiac therapies for patients who have suffered from myocardial infarcts. Strategies including extracellular vesicles, bioengineered gel scaffolds, and nanoparticle therapies amongst other strategies will be explored. The work is interdisciplinary in nature, combining basic science and bioengineering approaches. Individuals with an interest in or experience in cardiology, stem cell therapies, bioengineering, and small animal surgeries are encouraged to apply.

In addition to managing daily lab responsibilities, research specialists will have the opportunity to develop their own projects for abstract/paper submission, collaborate on clinical projects and shadow general and cardiac surgeons.  This position is a good fit for students hoping to apply to graduate or medical school in the near future as well as established researchers looking for long-term research careers. Multiple lab positions exist for a rapidly expanding research team.



  1. Two or more years of experience in basic science laboratory research, with independent work in cell culture strongly preferred.
  2. Able to work independently and as part of a team.
  3. Must be self-motivated,  organized, and have excellent communication skills.
  4. Must be consistent and committed to research, and
  5. Willing to make a two-year (or more) commitment.

Interested applicants should email with any questions as well as their resumes and cover letter.