Research position from Princeton HPA alum - Harvard/Dana-Farber (Boston, MA)

I am a Princeton grad from 2013 and alum from Harvard Medical School (2013-2018). I am now a resident physician in the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program and am looking to hire a research technician for a 1-2 year position. The technician would be working with me in the cancer biology laboratory of William G. Kaelin, Jr, recipient of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology. The projects would be related to brain tumors and cancer biology metabolism. It’s a great opportunity for people interested in MD or MD/PhD programs! A recent Princeton alum, Adam Wang (Princeton ’18 now MD/PhD at Tri-I), was a technician in the lab before matriculating to medical school.

Would you be able to include this job posting in any announcements you may have? I am attaching the formal job posting here, but feel free to pass along my contact info ( to anybody who may be interested! Start date would be late summer but flexible. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to facilitate.


General Information

System Title: Research Technician
Job Status: Pending Approval
Posting Title: Research Technician
Hire Type: New hire
Position Type: full time
Reg/Temp: regular
Standard Hours: 40
Is this a recruited or non recruited job? Recruit


Job Description

Located in Boston and the surrounding communities, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School brings together world-renowned clinicians, innovative researchers, and other dedicated professionals as allies in the common mission of conquering cancer and related diseases. Combining extremely talented people with the best technologies in a genuinely positive environment, we provide compassionate and comprehensive care to patients of all ages, conduct cutting-edge research using the latest technologies, and educate tomorrow's health care providers and researchers. This position is to work with a member of the laboratory of Dr. William G. Kaelin, Jr., recipient of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine as a laboratory technician. In general, the person holding this position will work with a senior member of the lab and assist in the design and performance of wet lab experiments including making observations and recording results. The person holding this position will also assist in the day-to-day operation of the laboratory by ordering supplies, ensuring proper maintenance of laboratory instruments and equipment, and performing various supportive tasks to facilitate the continued smooth function of the laboratory as a whole.


  • Design and execute experiments, including the collection of information and samples from organic substances such as bacteria, eukaryotic cells, and animals.
  • Analyze experimental data and interpret results. May be expected to participate in formal and information presentations of results to staff. Participate in manuscript preparation as required.
  • Maintain a rigorously detailed notebook of all work-related activities.
  • Maintain a continued intellectual and interactive commitment to the position by keeping up with appropriate literature and research publications.
  • Set up, adjust, calibrate, clean, maintain and troubleshoot equipment.
  • Help ensure smooth functioning of the lab by monitoring the supply of lab consumables and ordering replacements when necessary.
  • Monitor laboratory work to ensure compliance with Environmental Health and Safety information as well as the standard operation procedures specific to our laboratory.
  • May be responsible for the development, modification and improvement of standard operating procedures.
  • Use computers, computer-interfaced equipment, robotics or high-technology applications to perform work duties.
  • Maybe responsible for the examination of animals and specimens to detect the presence of disease or other problems.
  • May be responsible for monitoring laboratory budgets.

Preferred experience includes:

  • experience with cell culture
  • experience with standard molecular biology techniques such as PCR, plasmid cloning, western blotting, RNA expression analysis
  • experience with flow cytometry
  • experience handing research animals (mice)

 Required qualities include:

  • excellent organization, note-taking, and time management skills
  • attention to detail and thoroughness in completing work tasks
  • ability to work in a team environment with a wide variety of faculty and staff members
  • willingness to assist in animal research (mice)
  • excellent communication skills (written and verbal)

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is an equal opportunity employer and affirms the right of every qualified applicant to receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, disability, age, ancestry, military service, protected veteran status, or other groups as protected by law.

Person Classification: Classifications
Does this job have supervisory responsibilities? Non-Supervisor
Does this job involve clinical work? Non-Clinical
Does this job have direct access and involve direct care to patients? None
What is the work location for this job? On-site at DFCI
What type of research, if any, does this job involve? Wet
Does this job involve working with or exposure to bloodborne pathogens? No
Does this job require a respirator? No
Does this job work with radiation? No
Is this job for a student or trainee? No
What is the type of funding for this job? Paid DFCI
What is the sponsored classification for this job? A-None
What is the affiliation for this job? Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
What type of access will this job require? All