Research a Cure to Coronavirus!

Dear friends at HPA,

Hope all's well! I've been asked to recommend potential candidates for job opportunities, and it seemed like this company would be a good fit for recent pre-med Princeton grads that may be seeking a job during a gap year or to replace a job opportunity that might have been lost from the COVID-19 situation. If this sounds like something you could share on the post-grad job board, I'd be delighted to share any more information.

Here's the company's recruiting website:

A brief description of the company: 

Homodeus’s mission is to empower individuals to have greater ownership of their health with rapid, low-cost home and point-of-care diagnostics. We build breakthrough technology at the intersection of software, hardware, chemistry, and biology. We use this technology to champion a new era of personalized healthcare and help end the COVID-19 pandemic.

And a contact email address:

Essentially, this in-person job is researching a cure to coronavirus.

Should you require any more information in order to share (expected commitment, location, etc) please do let me know!


Thanks a lot,

Megan Chung


Megan M. Chung
Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons Class of 2024
U.S. Fulbright Scholar South Korea 2019-2020
Princeton University Class of 2019