Research Assistant at Rockefeller University, Darst-Campbell Lab (New York, NY)

May 13, 2022

Research Assistant/lab with a commitment for at least 2 full years in the Darst-Campbell at the Rockefeller University ( Execute scientific experiments under the guidance of senior scientists as well as help maintain laboratory functions such as making general solutions or calibrating equipment. Experiments will involve cloning, expressing and purifying proteins and learning cryo-electron microscopy.  Also purification of RNA and DNA. Please contact Elizabeth Campbell and Seth Darst at ( and

Basic chemistry, microbiology lab techniques and experience in cloning. Preferred but not required, experience in over expressing and purifying proteins. Must be adept at using general lab equipment such as centrifuges, pH meters, pipettes, gel electrophoresis.

Note from YJ Choi '20 - 


My name is Young Joo (YJ) Choi. I finished my undergraduate degree in the department of chemistry back in 2020 and have been working as a research assistant @ Rockefeller University for the past two years in the Darst-Campbell Lab. I'm set to leave my position for graduate studies soon, so there will be an opening in my current lab! The lab dynamic, mentoring, and opportunities to be scientifically engaged are absolutely wonderful! It is a great intersection of RNA polymerase biochemistry, protein and nucleic acid interactions, and structural biology (via Cryo-EM—a thriving methodology winning a Nobel in 2017)

They are looking to hire 1-2 RAs to start this summer in our COVID section (or E. coli) of the lab. They are actively trying to interview candidates now and I wanted to pass on the word to graduating seniors who may be interested in engaging in full-time research. I have really enjoyed my time here and wanted to cast a wide net for excellent candidates! If you think it might be of interest to people in your respective departments, we would be grateful to have some exposure to have this forwarded to the graduating class. A short description is attached above and our lab website is: I am happy to be in contact with anyone who is interested if they had any questions beforehand!

Thank you in advance!

Best wishes,