Paid Research Job at Stanford on Single Cell Genomics in Cancer and Development

If you are graduating this spring and/or interested in a full-time research job, please consider the opportunity below from the Greenleaf Lab. 



The Department of Genetics at Stanford University is seeking an experimental research associate (Life Science Research Professional 1) to join the Greenleaf Laboratory to study and develop methods to probe both structure and function of the physical genome and transcription at the single cell resolution across domains of human health and disease. This specific position will implement and optimize a massively high throughput single cell technology in the context of human development, CRISPR-based perturbation screens, and carcinogenesis. To learn more about the lab, please visit


Desired Qualifications:

The candidate for this position should have experience with standard molecular biology techniques and mammalian cell culture and/or genomics methods; a high level of initiative and motivation, interest in training in different disciplines, the ability to work independently and with a team; excellent communication, organization, and time management skills; and the ability to think creatively to solve problems. Degree in biology or related scientific field. Highly motivated candidates regardless of specific training or background of all levels are encouraged to apply.

To apply and for more information: