Doctor Assistant Bridge Year(s) Program (Chicago, IL)

"Doctor Assistant - Bridge Year(s) Opportunity for Gap Year students looking to work in a boutique aesthetic and dermatology practice in the West Loop of Chicago”

This hourly paid position is intended to be educational value for a future physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners who is interested in learning medicine by directly assisting a Stanford University trained, board certified dermatologist.

● Direct physician mentorship is the key outcome component of this experience.

 The environment of a private practice encourages a unique and steep learning  curve.

● The doctor assistant concept combines cross-trained traditional roles of medical receptionist and medical assistant.

● Responsibilities involve coordinating all aspects of patient care, including arranging appointments, optimizing physician efficiency, assisting with cosmetic, medical and surgical procedures, managing materials and supplies, handling patients before, during, and after outpatient care, and serving as scribe for the dermatologist

● This position requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, cooperating with patients, physicians, and co-workers in a busy clinical environment.

● Full time Two-year terms are available. Preference will be given to longer terms.

● Full-time up to 40 hrs per week

● Successful candidates will graduate or have graduated from a four-year college or university with a strong undergraduate education and all pre-medical or pre- physician assistant requirements satisfied.

● A Letter of recommendation may be provided upon satisfactory participation in this program.

● Intention to matriculate in an MD, MD-PhD, PA, NP program at the conclusion of the bridge-year(s) is required.

To apply, send a cover letter and one-page resume (including undergraduate GPA) directly to Dr. Gabriel J. Martinez-Diaz, at