Clinical Research Coordinator | Center for Women's Mental Health, Mass General Hospital (Boston, MA)

Massachusetts General Hospital – Center for Women’s Mental Health
Clinical Research Coordinator Position Announcement


Program Description:

The Center for Women’s Mental Health is a clinical and research program within the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. Our Program is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric disorders associated with female reproductive function. The Center provides a range of clinical services to women which include: consultation regarding the use of psychiatric medications during pregnancy; treatment for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders; treatment for premenstrual syndrome; and treatment of menopause related mood and anxiety symptoms, sleep disorders, and hot flashes. The goal of our research division is to examine a wide range of questions which affect the lives of women with psychiatric conditions. Our research projects mirror the span of our center’s clinical expertise. For more information about the clinical and research program, please visit our website:


The research coordinators in our Program are each assigned 1-2 active research projects and are responsible for the implementation of those projects under the guidance of the principal investigator(s) and the supervision of the senior research coordinator.

The research coordinators are primarily responsible for the following research activities:

  • Conducting research visits with study patients and study clinicians
  • Managing the recruitment, screening and enrollment of research patients
  • Administering psychiatric assessments
  • Phlebotomy and specimen preparation (a phlebotomy course is offered at MGH)
  • Data collection and entry, and database management
  • Preparation and submission of research protocols to the IRB
  • Ensuring compliance with the Partners IRB and other federal and institutional guidelines
  • Periodic special projects, such as a grant submission or a journal article submission


Work Environment:

Currently, our group is made up of six research coordinators, a senior research coordinator, a program assistant, a biostatistician, and eight psychiatrists, two of whom are principal investigators, including the Director. The research coordinators work closely with the study principal investigators and meet twice weekly as a group to review study progress. The group meets once a week for two hours to review clinical cases and ongoing research progress. This is a full-time hourly position with a 9:00-5:30 workday and a ½ hour unpaid lunch. Our Program is located in the Simches Research Building in a combined administrative and clinical space and all work is conducted on-site, permitting hospital instruction around COVID-19.  


We are looking for candidates who possess at least a bachelor’s degree. At least one year of research experience, paid or un-paid, is preferred but not required. Please include your undergraduate GPA in your application materials. The salary for this full-time position will start at $33,200 per year, and benefits are available. Candidates who can start by the beginning of Fall of 2021 are preferred. A two-year commitment is strongly preferred.

Note: Per the MGH remote work policy, candidates would be expected to relocate to the Boston area for critical in-person job functions but would onboard and begin work from home. Pending resolution of the current COVID-19 pandemic and changes to the current remote work policy, job activities are expected to transition to a hybrid (majority in-person) model.


  • Critical thinking skills and ability to independently resolve problems
  • Careful attention to details
  • Time management and ability to prioritize
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Microsoft Office and general computer literacy
  • Data management and analysis knowledge is advantageous though not required

Interested applicants may send cover letters and resumes to Heather Anne Harmon, Program Manager, at