Clinical Research Assistant at Boston Children's Hospital (Boston, MA)

Clinical Research Assistant I in the Department of Ophthalmology


This research assistant position offers an incredible opportunity to build research and project management skills that will benefit any future career path in science and medicine. This position offers multiple learning experiences in the field of Pediatric Optometry and Ophthalmology with a focus on clinical research coordination, database creation and management, statistics, and manuscript writing. The research assistant will work closely with two or more pediatric eye care providers whose research focuses on amblyopia, strabismus and vision disorders following concussion. This role offers many opportunities to collaborate with a diverse group of clinical professionals and to attend medical conferences within the department and nationally. 

Principal Responsibilities and Growth Opportunities

  • Manage multiple clinical research projects at once.
  • Navigate the electronic medical record systems used at Boston Children’s Hospital to review patient charts for research purposes - screening patients for research eligibility and entering patient data into online databases
  • Enable patient recruitment - sending out mailers, calling families, reaching out to providers and orienting them about studies and be available to talk to families about research studies.
  • Monitor data collection for quality control and HIPAA/protocol compliance.
  • Consult with clinical teams as well as research support staff to meet study goals and protocol requirements.
  • Perform descriptive statistics on data, with opportunities to learn more advanced statistical programming (SPSS, R, etc.).
  • Draft study protocols for approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Learn to manage and review the IRB process for the department together with other research assistants.
  • Use REDCap Electronic Data Capture service to create easily accessible yet secure online databases.
  • Work closely with the department’s biostatistician to create and prepare data collection, statistical reports, and analytical summaries for distribution to research team for review and analysis. 
  • Prepare abstracts and manuscripts for submission to medical journals and national conferences with opportunities for primary and co-authorships. 
  • If interested, can shadow PIs and other physicians in clinic and operating room (OR) as appropriate.
  • Performs other miscellaneous administrative duties as assigned or required.

Minimum Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Work requires a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriately related discipline, preferably in a Life, Health, or Social Sciences field. New/recent college graduates with an interest in pursuing a career in medicine are desired.
  • Work requires well-developed communication skills in order to manage projects with people across many different professions within the hospital and outside organizations. 
  • Work requires well-developed organizational skills in order to manage multiple projects at various stages of completion.
  • Work requires an understanding and working knowledge of statistics to gather and interpret data.
  • Work requires advanced writing skills for preparing IRB submissions, abstracts, and drafting manuscripts.
  • Must be able to work autonomously, and have flexibility to work on weekends and evenings to accommodate research patient appointments as needed.
  • Ability to commute to the BCH Waltham and BCH Main Campus locations.
  • A two-year commitment to the position is preferred.
  • International applicants must have an H-visa or green card to apply.

Start Date: June/July 2021
Application Deadline: May 1, 2021

Please email and with cover letter and resume, as well as with any questions.