Application Support For Alums

If eligible, alumni may request a composite letter of recommendation. We recommend being in touch with HPA in the fall prior to the application cycle and reading through the Application Process section of this website.

Eligibility for a Composite Letter for New Applicants

In order for a composite letter to be written for a new applicant (i.e., an applicant who has never received a composite letter), the following criteria must be met:

  • The applicant must have taken at least half of the pre-requisite science courses at Princeton in the past seven years.
  • The applicant must secure at least one letter of recommendation letter from a faculty member (or preceptor) who taught them in a science course.
  • The applicant must meet all paperwork deadlines:
    • Seven days prior to the pre-application interview: HPA forms 1-4, essays, autobiography, and activities list
    • June 15: Absolute deadline for HPA pre-application interview scheduling (preferred scheduling is in February)
    • October 1: Absolute deadline for AMCAS submission (ideal submission is in June)
  • The applicant must sign up for and participate in a pre-application interview.
  • The applicant must release application information to HPA through the primary application process (instructions to do so will be provided in an AMCAS workshop) and send HPA a copy of the verified primary application(s).

Please note that while there are no GPA or MCAT cut-offs to receive a composite letter of recommendation, HPA strongly encourages students to engage in the composite letter of recommendation process when they feel confident that they are competitive applicants. A committee letter will provide an honest evaluation of academic performance and readiness for success in the rigorous medical school curriculum.

If not eligible for a composite letter, HPA will provide advising on all aspects of the application cycle.  HPA will also facilitate the transmission of letters of recommendation at no charge through a Letter Collection Service. Please be in touch with HPA to discuss your application plans and types of support that you desire.