Postgraduate Research Associate, Hafler Lab at the Yale School of Medicine (New Haven, CT)

by hpa


  • Genetic variations associated with autoimmune response in Multiple Sclerosis.
  • You are working specifically for one of the post docs in the lab so will be doing research on their project lab website:

Job Requirements:

  • Have to want to go to medical school
  • Have to be taking 2 years between graduation and matriculation to med school- there’s no negotiating this rule unfortunately
  • Cannot be doing a postbac year

Job Length:  July/August 2019 to June 2021

Job Description: This job is split roughly 70% lab work and 30% clinical work, with the possibility of transitioning to more clinical time if that is something you are interested in. In the lab, you are assigned to work with a postdoc and you do research under their guidance (bench work/wet lab). At the Yale
MS clinic, you are involved in talking to patients about our research, collecting blood samples for research, and you get to shadow physicians at the MS clinic. You are also co-leader of the Yale PhenoGenetic Project (PGP) which involves scheduling appointments for healthy control blood donors, taking vitals, and helping a nurse draw blood. Other perks include the ability to audit classes at Yale for free, and attend immunology conferences.

Email Maggie Pecsok '18 with questions, and interest.