Mateo Gilsilvetti '20

Sprint Football
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Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ

Summer Activities: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School ACES program, BCEI Research Institute Medellin, Colombia.

Advice for 1st years: Being a successful prehealth student athlete can be quite challenging here at Princeton, but the discipline and team environment that Princeton Athletics provides can shape you into competitive candidate for medical school.  As incoming athletes, you should expand your interests beyond athletics and stick to an extracurricular or a few extracurriculars that you see yourself doing for the rest of your time at Princeton.  Get out of your comfort zone and do something you have never done before.  Meet people outside of your team and make every effort to get well acquainted with professors early on.  It is also super important to be organized and disciplined with your work, especially during your seasons.  Do not hesitate to ask your older teammates for help as many of the classes you will take are demanding.  You are not alone and there are many resources to help you if you feel behind or want to get ahead.