Jayme Leschly '23

First College

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Relevant prehealth experience: Internship at Harvard Stem Cell Institute doing lab-based research involving developmental biology of the pancreas / Type I diabetes; internship at Boston Children’s Hospital doing clinical research in the urology surgical department; shadowing various doctors in clinic and the operating room.

What topics can students ask you about? Ask me about time management strategies for balancing schoolwork and practices (especially for a lab-based major), pre-med course scheduling / strategies, finding internships and anything else I could help with!

What advice would you give to a first-year, prehealth, student athlete? My best advice would be to stay confident in your desire to follow the pre-med track, and don’t let busy/stressful weeks or others opinions deter you from that! Being pre-med at Princeton is definitely no easy task, but you got into Princeton for a reason so believe in yourself and never doubt your decision to be pre-med! I would also say to never hesitate to reach out for help. Reach out to classmates for help on assignments or to create study groups, visit McGraw, and go to office hours. You’ll be surprised by how helpful and stress-relieving these things can be!