Davis Wachtell '20

Men's Water Polo
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Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA

Summer Activities: Prior to and following my freshman year I worked in a genetics lab studying skeletal dysplasia at UCLA. The summer following my sophomore year I took our equivalent of PHY 103 and PHY 104 at Cal State Northridge

Advice for 1st years: Playing a sport at Princeton is all about finding the balance between the sport and academics. Especially as a Fall athlete, it was scary to start your first semester at Princeton while also playing a sport, but remember that many people go through it and the best thing you can do is take a deep breath if you feel overwhelmed and seek help at any number of the resources made available to you. McGraw and the writing center are lifesavers. Also, proactively seek help early in the semester and make sure you are ahead of your work going into midterms and during your championship season. For most STEM majors there will be a few exams during this week, and it's important to be prepared prior to the start so that you can perform both in the classroom and on the field.