Annique Nyman '20

Women's Open Weight Rowing
Email Address:

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Summer Activities: IIP - Child Family Health International in Uganda

Harborview/UW Medicine shadowing

Advice for 1st years: Reflecting on my first few years at Princeton, I wish that I had reached out to other prehealth student athletes earlier on to hear about their experiences and the variety of opportunities available to students. You can choose to study abroad, apply for internships internationally or somewhere closer to home, work in a lab on campus over the summer, stay at home and find opportunities to shadow, and so many more. I would recommend visiting HPA during your first semester to discuss your interests and make a tentative plan for how your schedule can accommodate academic and athletic responsibilities, not only during your first year, but also in the future. It's important to know that there isn't one correct way to be prehealth. Everyone's timeline is different, and while it may seem like everyone else has the next few years planned out, there's no rule that says that you must take specific classes and take MCATs at a certain time and know exactly what you want to do ten years down the line. My best advice is to take classes that interest you and become a well rounded student in the experiences you've had during your time at Princeton.