Alison Chang '20

Women's Golf
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Hometown: Walnut, CA

Summer Activities: Last summer, I shadowed a local internist in Southern California while coaching at a high school golf camp. This past summer, I conducted research at WashU Medical School and was a Camp Kesem counselor for kids who have parents affected by cancer.

Advice for 1st years: In terms of managing pre-med courses, I have learned (especially as a student-athlete!) about the importance of actively establishing relationships with professors by regularly attending office hours, being unafraid to seek help ahead of time, and developing accountability for my own work in times of athletic competitions or other obligations. The courseload for premed students may not be easy, but there are wonderful resources devoted to helping students academically. Reaching out to faculty-fellows for student-athletes can be a start, as well as attending McGraw study hall sessions, office hours, and more. I would also love to encourage discovery and making the most of the Princeton experience by exploring intriguing courses outside of what you're initially interested in, even while being pre-med. Often times there are really cool classes in non-science departments that also discuss medicine (ie: Medical Humanities, Medical Spanish, Literature and Medicine, etc.). Personally, I’ve changed my mind about majors many times (ranging from Neuroscience and Woody Woo to Molecular Biology and now, Anthropology), often because I’ve taken such interesting classes in these departments – sometimes it’s difficult to immediately foresee what you’ll develop a passion for, and luckily there's some flexibility in being a pre-med student to explore as well. As for finding summer internships or research opportunities, Princeton offers a plethora of opportunities (through PICS, IIP, etc.), and emails from HPA can help identify great medicine oriented internships. Above all, come often to HPA for guidance! Everyone has a place at Princeton, athletically AND academically, and JockDocs, in addition to the diverse multitude of resources, are here to help students grow.