AJ Chen '21

Men's Varsity Volleyball
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Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

Summer Activities: Spent this past summer working for Ivy Camps USA in Shanghai, running the largest American-style summer camp in China. Also spent a week volunteering as a camp counselor for Camp Kesem Princeton. Training for my sport with my local club team.

Advice for 1st years: When you tell other students that you're a "premed" student athlete and they look at you with those disheartening eyes and say, "Wow, that's tough. Good luck, I hope you make it," remember your "why." When you're fighting through that early practice or late lift and can only picture yourself falling behind in your studies, remember your "why." Being a premed student athlete is no doubt very tough- balancing the physical and mental challenges that come both in your sport and your studies. However, keep finding inspiration from the reason why you have decided to choose premed. I wish I had known that it's not always that I have to work harder than everyone else, but smarter- meaning utilizing resources such as HPA, McGraw, my professors, and fellow premed students to get advice and help in both my studies and for career guidance. The best thing that helped me was to make sure I put in the same amount of effort, if not more, into my studies as I did in my sport. The same focus and determination that went into my practices also went into my study sessions and "school work." There's a whole community behind you that believes in you, ready to support and help you accomplish what you want- you just have to believe in yourself too.