Peer Adviser Major Selection Tips

Looking for prehealth students' opinions on what major to choose? HPA Peer Advisers and Jock Docs share why they chose their majors and what they like about them.

Annie Robinson '23

EEB with a GHP certificate

After switching majors a couple of times, HPA Jock Doc Annie Robinson '23 calls EEB "the best" for it's small size and increased accessibility to advisers.

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Samuel Lee '24

CHM with a NEU certificate

HPA Peer Adviser Samuel Lee '24 talks about how his interest in medicine and enjoyment of Orgo led him to his major and certificate.

Samantha Chin '23

COS BSE with GHP & Engineering Bio certificates

HPA Peer Adviser Samantha Chin '23 talks about the applications of COS to medicine, the overlap between BSE and premed, and medically relevant independent work.


Anika Buch '24


HPA Peer Adviser Anika Buch '24 chose MOL for the great advisers and clear applications to the healthcare field in classes.

Weston Carpenter '23

MOL with a NEU certificate

HPA Jock Doc Weston Carpenter '23 tells us why he abandoned his original plan and chose MOL with a NEU certificate, and why he's glad he did.

Allison Chou '23


HPA Peer Adviser Allison Chou '23 tells us about how premed and major requirement overlap and strong community led her to major in MOL.


Maryam Kamel '23


HPA Peer Adviser Maryam Kamel '23 pinpoints scheduling flexibility and incredible departmental support as the reasons to be a MOL major.

James Adams '24


HPA Peer Adviser James Adams '24 prioritized his passion and interests when he chose MOL and he strongly encourages you to do the same.


Ashley Chung '23


HPA Peer Adviser Ashley Chung '23 tells us how prehealth students in a more computational major like NEU can still delve into wet lab research and gain clinical experience.

Tristan Szapary '24


HPA Jock Doc Tristan Szapary '24 talks about how visualizing where he'd be spending most of his time senior year helped him to choose NEU over ENG.

Rachel Tam '24


HPA Peer Adviser Rachel Tam '24 shares why she loves the NEU department and offers reasons why prehealth students thrive there. *see note below

* Although medical schools will not accept prerequisites unless they appear on a U.S. transcript, we encourage all prehealth students to study abroad if they're interested! Come meet with an HPA adviser if you have any questions about international coursework.


Julia Cunningham '23


HPA Jock Doc Julia Cunningham '23 explains why the balance that a PSY major offers has been beneficial to her path as a prehealth student.

Tsion Yared '24

PSY with GHP and NEU certificates

HPA Jock Doc Tsion Yared '24 talks about how PSY departmental and independent work have helped her gain a broad perspective on healthcare.


Genevieve Fraipont '23

REL with ENT certificate

HPA Jock Doc Genevieve Fraipont '23, a REL major, talks about how her experiences and studies led her from a science concentration to the humanities.

Josh Coan '24

SPIA with a GHP certificate

HPA Peer Adviser and Jock Doc Josh Coan '24 shares how a seminar on health policy caused him to fall in love with the topic- leading him to major in SPIA instead of MOL.