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Question of the Week: What's the Best Month to Take the MCAT?
April 12, 2024
Do Princeton students do better on the MCAT in certain months? I’m studying for an April exam while taking classes and it has been hard to find enough time.

Looking at our data from the past three years, we have significantly fewer examinees who take the exam during the semester than we do who take it in January, August, or September. Our…

Question of the Week: Do I Need a Letter of Rec from a Physician?
April 4, 2024
I’ve heard I may be required to have a letter from a physician, but the only physicians I know are the ones I’ve shadowed for a couple of days at a time. Would this be sufficient?

Some schools require a letter from a professional who can speak to your readiness and fit for the profession—this includes many veterinary, physician assistant,…

Question of the Week: Spending a Glide Year at Home
March 29, 2024
I haven’t found a job yet and I’m feeling pressure to head home and help my family. How can I maximize my time if my full-time glide year job isn’t directly health related?

Think about how you can prioritize activities that lean into your narrative or prioritize skills that you want to further develop, whether that’s through your job or not…

Question of the Week: What do I do if I didn't get an internship?
March 29, 2024
I applied to a few internships but wasn’t selected and I can’t afford to spend the summer away from home without funding. I’m from a small town that doesn’t offer many opportunities. What should I do?

Start with your campus network: Did you take a class that inspired you? Maybe your prof or preceptor has a project you can contribute to…

Question of the Week: Best Majors to get into Medical School
March 22, 2024
What majors are the most likely to help me get into medical school?

Over the past five years, the following majors have a 100% acceptance rate: AAM, ARC, ART, AST, CEE, CLA, EAS, ELE, FIT, GEO, IND, MAT, MUS, ORF, PHY. But, that was a total of 32 out of the 527 total accepted applicants! No major will get you in or keep you out: choose a…

Question of the Week: Where to Take a Course Postgrad
March 15, 2024

I want to take one or two science courses while working next year to keep boosting my science GPA for dental school. Does it matter where I take them?

Question of the Week: Summer Courses for Unusual Prerequisites
March 14, 2024

I need to take a nutrition course for a Clinical Dietetics master’s program prerequisite. How do I know which course to take? Since Princeton doesn’t offer the course here, I’m thinking of taking it this summer. Do I have to have it approved by Princeton to count for a prerequisite?

Question of the Week: Unique Glide Year Activities
March 8, 2024

I know a lot of glide year students do research or medical assistant work, but what else is out there? Should I look for something unique so I’ll stand out?

Question of the Week: Types of Activities for the Medical School Application
March 1, 2024

I know I have to categorize my activities on my medical school application. Are there certain categories I should try to make sure I’ve covered before I apply?

Question of the Week: Returning to Premed After Graduation
Feb. 23, 2024

I stopped taking premed prerequisites my sophomore year. I plan to go and work for a couple of years. If I decide to pivot back to medicine then, what's the best way to complete my prerequisites?