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Question of the Week: Clinically Focused Postgrad Jobs
May 13, 2022

What are the most effective ways to get full time, paid clinical experience during my glide years?

Question of the Week: Do I Have to Take a Glide Year?
May 13, 2022

I’m disappointed in my GPA from my first year. Does this mean I have to take a glide year?

Question of the Week: C in Gen Chem - What Should I Do?
May 6, 2022

If I get a C in CHM 202, should I retake it this summer?

Question of the Week: Summer Online Class + Internship?
May 4, 2022

Can I take an online class to fulfill the med school requirement?

Question of the Week: Dual Enrollment Courses
April 22, 2022

Will dual enrollment community college courses I took during high school count?

Question of the Week: Co-signed Letter of Recommendation
April 15, 2022

Is it common for a grad student and faculty member to co-sign a letter?

Question of the Week: Medical School Wait Lists
April 8, 2022
How do I maximize my chances of getting in off of a wait list? When should I prepare to reapply?
Question of the Week: Choice of Concentration for Top Medical Schools?
April 1, 2022
What concentration should I choose to maximize my chances at getting into a top medical school? How about certificates?
Question of the Week: Science Credit Hours & Concentrations
March 25, 2022
What do I do if I can't fit all of my science credits in before applying to medical school?
Question of the Week: Starting Prehealth as a Sophomore
March 18, 2022
I’m at the end of sophomore year and I just decided I want to be a doctor, or maybe a physician assistant. I haven’t taken any of the prerequisite science courses. Are there options available to me this late in undergrad?