Summer Undergraduate Mentorship Program at Einstein (Bronx, NY) Thursday, Mar 8, 2018

Application deadline: April 1

Focus on Your Future (Chicago, IL) Thursday, Mar 8, 2018

Application deadline: March 30, open to underrepresented minorities

Question of the Week: Why Should I Come to HPA? Friday, Mar 2, 2018

Question: Hi HPA – I haven’t been in recently, but I feel like I’m following along with online resources, talking to friends, and am generally on track. Is there a reason I should come in anyway? I feel bad taking up your time if I don’t have a specific question.

HPA Vitals: March 2 Friday, Mar 2, 2018

Vitals is a weekly newsletter sent out to interested pre-health students, alumni, and campus collaborators that includes campus events, internship/job postings, the Question of the Week, and other important news items.

Todays Vitals: March 2 (pdf...

Career of the Month: Forensic Science Friday, Mar 2, 2018

Curious about a career as a Forensic Scientist?
Learn about the field, the people, sample curricula, and more!

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Part Time Seasonal Ambulatory Technician, BW Furling Equine Vet (Oldwick, NJ) Thursday, Mar 1, 2018

start date May 1

Courier Program Opportunity at Frontier Nursing University (Hyden, KY) Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 Application deadline: (extended) April 2, 5:00pm eight week, rural and public health service-learning program
Summer Spotlight: Marina Latif '19 Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018 Coming to Princeton with an interest in Classics, Marina participated in a Global Seminar in Greece where she gained awareness and appreciation of the juxtaposition of modern and ancient cultures.
Summer Spotlight: Ruchita Balasubramanian '19 Friday, Feb 23, 2018 Ruchita spend the summer after her first year in Germany working in the surgical department of a teaching hospital through Princeton's German department Summer Work Program.
Question of the Week: How to Study for the MCAT Friday, Feb 23, 2018

Question: I’m trying to study for the MCAT this semester. How much time should I be devoting each week to studying?