Get Involved During COVID-19 with Community HealthEd Friday, Mar 26, 2021 Application deadline: April 9, 2021, 11:59pm EST
Question of the Week: Moving Up in My Activities Friday, Mar 19, 2021 Is an upward progression in position necessary or desired when working with an organization?
HPA Vitals: March 19, 2021 Friday, Mar 19, 2021

Some new HPA events, a pre-health panel with class of '74, oodles of new campus events about networking, salary negotiation, scholarships and more...

Question of the Week: Drop vs PDF for CHM 202? Friday, Mar 12, 2021

Question: Hi HPA – I’m a first-year not doing well in my Gen Chem class this semester and it’s taking so much time that I’m afraid that it’ll bring down my performance in all of my classes. I’m thinking about dropping it, but since I’m halfway through, I’d rather just get it over with and PDF. Is that advisable?

HPA Vitals: March 12, 2021 Friday, Mar 12, 2021

HPA is busting med school admissions myths- we have new school visits posted, campus events,  new opps, virtual info sessions and more...

Save the Date: 2021 AAMC Virtual Fairs Friday, Mar 12, 2021

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to limit the ability to hold in-person recruitment and pre-health fairs, the AAMC is planning to help aspiring medical school applicants connect with US and Canadian medical schools during three upcoming virtual fairs:

Volunteer: PALS Programs (onsite and virtual) Friday, Mar 12, 2021 PALS is made possible by the hundreds of volunteers that join us each season. See for yourself why so many PALS volunteers keep coming back year after year for the best week of the summer!

Volunteers attend camp for free, and are offered a wide range of opportunities. To efficiently execute a successful program, PALS seeks...

Volunteer: Camp Holiday Trails Friday, Mar 12, 2021

Since 1973, Camp Holiday Trails has relied on the time, talent and treasure of hundreds of community volunteers and partners.  Join them as together we work to improve the quality of life for children and teens with medical needs.

Volunteer Opportunities (including, but not limited to)


Question of the Week: Prehealth Summer Classes During the Pandemic Friday, Mar 5, 2021

Question: I’m a sophomore and have now taken part of CHM 202, and all of CHM 301, CHM 302, and MOL 214 online. I’d like to take Physics online this summer so that I can study abroad next spring, but I’m worried about what medical schools will think about so many online classes. Do you think it’s okay to take Physics during the...

Career of the Month: Social Determinants / Health Disparities Friday, Mar 5, 2021

HPA highlights a different health career each month, with information about preparing for it, the application process, what the schooling is like, and other useful information and links.