YPI Virtual Shadowing

June 29, 2023

About YPI

Our founder Dr. Heval Kelli was lucky to meet the heart surgeon Dr. Lattouf while he was washing dishes during college across from Emory University, where he completed his cardiology fellowship a few years later. He started YPI because he wanted to make medical mentorship and networking an opportunity for all and not just a matter of luck.

In 2016, he started with one first year medical student Hannah Williams. Now, we have a dedicated team of medical students leading our program at more than 10 middle schools, high schools and colleges in Georgia.

YPI Virtual Shadowing


COVID 19 Pandemic has made on-site clinical shadowing almost impossible. As a result, many medical schools are accepting virtual shadowing as meaningful activities. YPI VMC has created an online program to implement clinical experiences through virtual means. Our purpose is to provide an experience as valuable as those learned in clinical practice. 

How we do it

​​​Virtual Shadowing activities will be clinically relevant and teach valuable clinical skills as those learned on clinical practice. 

The Virtual Shadowing will provide a high-quality experience similar to on-site clinical shadowing.
The accumulated hours can count towards clinical shadowing hours and meaningful activities on medical school applications.

Virtual Mentorship Circles (VMCs)

​​The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of virtual learning due to the limitation of social distancing. Therefore, YPI has invested in building virtual models to expand its work of mentorship and guidance.

The YPI Mentorship Circles creates virtual groups of students from specific backgrounds and ethnicities. Medical students and physicians lead each circle providing guidance, mentorship, and opportunities through virtual communication using texting, video conferencing, and email. Since January 2020, YPI has started six mentorship circles groups.

​What Does the VMC Stand for?  

  • Mentorship 
  • Inspiration
  • Networking 
  • Opportunity

VMC Goals

  • Implement a sustainable virtual platform for underrepresented and underserved students to increase their representation in medicine
  • Increasing access to mentorship, opportunities and guidance to students regardless of location.
  • Encourage team working skills applied to concerns encountered in Health Care.
  • Provide high impact mentorship targeted towards medical school application strategies for success.
  • Promote low effort, high impact community outreach activities. 

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