Volunteer: Community HealthEd (virtual)

Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021

About Community HealthEd

Community HealthEd is a student-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to educate communities across the United States. We aim to address specific HealthyPeople 2030 objectives by preparing and distributing reliable, evidence-based educational materials that contain information about location-specific health resources. In doing so, we tackle socioeconomic, geographic, ethnic, and language-related barriers to health. Ultimately, our goal is to make important medical information accessible to all individuals and advocate for the central role that robust, community-focused education should play in America’s public health infrastructure.

Our team also aims to help educate the next generation of healthcare professionals, researchers, and engaged citizens about the crucial role of quality community education. We hope to provide each of our student members with the planning, coordination, and science communication skills necessary to convey complex scientific information to individuals and communities alike.  

Positions Available

  • Chief Public Affairs Officer
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Scientific Review Editors
  • Copy Editors
  • Community Outreach Coordinators
  • Community HealthEd Writers
  • Medical Writing Translators

Join the Team