Virtual Shadowing Opportunity for Students

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021

My name is Alexandra Goetz and I am reaching out to you today on behalf of Pre-Health Shadowing, a new student-led, non-profit organization focused on making shadowing opportunities readily accessible to Pre-Health students via an online platform during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I am emailing you today to invite students at Princeton University who may be interested in connecting with a potential mentor in their field of interest to join our program. We are holding a virtual Mentorship Networking Event on the weekend of February 18-21. Students have to potential to connect with up to 6 mentors during the duration of this event. Here is a page on our website with further instructions for students who are interested in receiving an invitation to the event.

Now, more than ever, as the healthcare worker shortage increases during this ongoing crisis, we must support the next generation of health care professionals. As more and more opportunities for students get annulled, students' stress only increases as they look to apply to health programs. Here is the link to our website for general information about our program:

We already have over 14000 students signed up with us and we are working on expanding our student network. With your help, we can promote and attract pre-health students at a global level to join us in this journey. We would like to ask if you could spread the word to the Princeton University pre-health community via an email to your distribution list.

This program is completely free for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in health. It is accessible worldwide to people who are interested in learning more about various health fields or students trying to gain experience in their specific career of interest.

Visit our website at
Follow us on Instagram: @prehealthshadowing and Facebook at prehealthshadowing and Twitter at @prehealthshadowing.

And of course, please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions!