Spend A Semester Abroad with Global Service Corps (Cambodia)

Sept. 15, 2016

Are you interested in spending your spring, summer, or fall semester abroad in Cambodia? Do it with Global Service Corps’ (GSC) 16-week, 15 credit spring or fall semester or 9-week, 9 credit summer program! With a GSC semester abroad program you will:

  • Earn credit towards your degree
  • Gain valuable field work experience
  • Expand your worldview and become immersed in a unique culture
  • Serve communities in need while also learning about life in a new country

Every year more and more college students are choosing to study abroad as a meaningful part of their educational experience. While Europe has continually been the most popular destination for students studying abroad, according to Forbes.com “Asia and Latin America are fast becoming the new hotspots for U.S. higher education overseas. According to the Open Doors report, growth in study abroad in Asia has increased by 23%, now making up 12% of U.S. students overall.”

Become a part of a growing trend and sign-up for a GSC semester program for spring, summer, or fall now!