Special Offer for Students Taking the January MCAT Exam (Atlius Test Prep)

Dec. 8, 2016

To ALL Premed students taking the MCAT in January 2017 – Jan 19th or 28th exam dates:

If you're taking a January 2017 MCAT exam and are willing to help us out, we'll say "Thank You" by giving you:

  • Two (2) FREE Altius Full-Length MCAT Practice Exams


  • One (1) FREE Dinner Certificate for a popular restaurant, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, PF Chang's or Outback Steakhouse.


We will set up your profile and send you appropriate log in credentials.  Register by clicking on this link:  https://www.planplusonline.us/forms/fmhost.jsp?fbid=26196&fbky=mDwxcWwR

You will be asked to submit the following information:

·       Full Name

·       Email Address

·       Phone Number

·       University Attending

·       Scheduled January Test Date


Last year, Altius Test Prep released a set of ten (10) Full-Length MCAT Practice Exams that are statistically identical to the real MCAT on over one hundred statistical metrics. Students who took these exams last year reported feeling "comfortable" on test day because their real test "Looked just like the Altius Practice Exams." Our final step in perfecting these exams is to make the scoring scale identical to the AAMC score scale, so that students taking these exams have an accurate model for predicting their score on test day.


1. You sign-up today and agree to participate in our "Score Scale Data Collection Project" by registering as explained above.

2. We will send you an email, providing you with access to one (1) of the Ten Altius Full-Length Exams FREE of charge.

3.  Complete the first Altius exam.

4.  Complete the scored AAMC 1 exam.

5.  Complete the scored AAMC 2 exam. You must complete all three of the above exams within the same three-week period, and before your real MCAT exam date. If you do not already have access to AAMC1 and AAMC2 codes, please call 435.671.5783 for details.

6. We will provide you with a link to share the following data with us:

     -Total/Composite Score

     -Section Scores (CP, CAR, BB, PsS)

     -Number of questions missed in each section

7.   Email screen shots of your “Results” Page to amanda@altiustestprep.com

8.   After we receive these data, we will provide you with your second Altius Full-Length Exam FREE of charge.

9.   You will attempt the second Altius Full-Length exam.

10.  Take your real MCAT on January 19th or 28th.

11.  Approximately 30 days after your real exam date, but no later than 45 days, report to us your data from the second Altius Full-Length and from your real MCAT.  (You will receive a link to report these results)

12.  After we receive this second set of data, we will mail you your FREE Dinner Certificate.


If you have any questions, please contact Altius at 435.671.5783, or amanda@altiustestprep.com

For complete information on the exams you will be attempting, visit: http://altiustestprep.com/tests

Thank you in advance for your help, and good luck on the MCAT!

Play the 5 minute game http://bit.ly/MCATGAME4