Serve on the Student Heath Plan Advisory Council (SHPAC)

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Student Health Plan Advisory Council (SHPAC)
Dec. 3, 2021

University Health Services is looking for Undergraduate and Graduate students who are enrolled in the Student Health Plan to serve on the SHPAC (Student Health Plan Advisory Council) committee starting this fall. 

Below is more information about this opportunity. Please contact Melanie Jeitner ( if you are interested in being part of SHPAC or have any questions. There is no formal application needed. 

Frequency and Location of Meetings:
Twice per year, once each semester, 1 ½ hours per meeting (Fall meeting is scheduled for 12/9/21 via Zoom, Spring meeting TBD)


  • To ensure cross campus representation and engagement in the benefits selection, vendor selection, monitoring, and evaluation of the Student Health Plan and the Student Group Vision and Dental Plans (based on American College Health Association guidelines for student benefit plans)
  • To improve communication about Student Health Plan benefits and issues and serve as a resource to the community with respect to the Student Health Plan. 

Here are some additional details about the group:
We provide a light breakfast or lunch at the meeting depending on what time it is held (and if meeting is in-person).  The students in this group act as a voice for themselves as well as their peers.  We do share names within the SHPAC group and may sometimes refer peers to them if someone has an SHP issue they would like discussed at a SHPAC meeting.  This group provides students with the opportunity to voice concerns or propose benefit changes pertaining to the SHP.  Student feedback from prior meetings has led to several benefit enhancements such as increasing the in-network benefit to 90% coverage (from 80%) and increasing maternity coverage to 100% (from 80%).