Question of the Week: When to take MOL 214?

Nov. 18, 2022

Q: I’m a first-year trying to decide between majoring in CHM or MOL. Should I take MOL 214 in the spring even though I’ll have to double up MOL 214 and CHM 202 labs?
A: Generally speaking, if you’re on a direct entry or one glide year trajectory, we recommend taking MOL 214 by the end of sophomore year so that you can take Biochemistry (MOL 345) junior year, and take the MCAT either junior spring (direct entry) or junior summer (for one glide year). For a broader overview, see the Application Process section of our website or the sample timelines in the Preparing Guide. So, that leaves you three semesters to choose from: first-year Spring, or either semester of sophomore year.
If you’re doing well in CHM 201, adding MOL 214 to the mix in the spring could be a good idea, especially if you don’t have AP Physics credit—if you major in CHM, physics will be a prerequisite that has to be finished by the beginning of junior year, and trying to manage physics, orgo, and MOL 214 labs all at once during sophomore year would be very overloaded. At the same time, it’s best to think about everything in combination: classes, interests, cocurricular responsibilities, when to take your five-course semester, what other courses you’re thinking about in the spring … we’d be happy to meet with you to talk pros and cons of different schedules and timelines! We also have sample timelines for many majors mapped out in our HPA Majors & Medicine Guide.

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