Question of the Week: When Should I Know Where I'll Apply to Medical School?

Feb. 17, 2023

Q: I'm starting to compile the list of medical schools I want to apply to. When should it be completed?
A: Ideally, your list will be complete by the date that applications are released to most US MD schools in the year you apply (June 30 this year;  DO and Texas schools are a little earlier).

Most applicants start crafting their list in the spring prior to application.  Almost all applicants include their public state schools on their list, so early on, check your state schools to be sure that you’re fulfilling their requirements (if you don’t know your state schools, use the AAMC Medical School Admission Requirements site to find them.

It's hard to develop the list without your MCAT and GPA. Much of the work will be done after you at least have a sense of what your MCAT score will be from practice tests, and where your science GPA will be in the spring of your application year. 

Applicants submit the application in June, with at least one school listed, to join the queue for application verification. Verification takes days to weeks, and it's faster in early June than in July/August, which is why we recommend applying early. But, you only need to list one school in early June. You can add more schools as you do more school research without losing your place in the verification line. See more FAQs about school selection.

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