Question of the Week: Summer Online Class + Internship?

April 29, 2022

Q: I’m hoping to get ahead in requirements by taking an online class at night while doing an internship during the day. Will this be okay for med school purposes?
A: Pre-pandemic, it was rare that medical schools would accept online courses. Exceptions were made when there was no other choice, but the preference will likely remain that prerequisites, especially those with labs, are taken in person. Medical schools seek evidence that applicants are ready for a rigorous, science-heavy curriculum. Taking courses in the summer is already perceived as less rigorous than academic year courses, and adding the online component may bring your preparation under even more scrutiny. We’d expect that some schools will go back to requiring that courses be taken in person, or accept online courses on a case-by-case basis. As always, we’d recommend checking websites for schools of interest (including your public in-state schools) to see if they have any guidance on online courses (see links on HPA website).
Beyond school requirements / recommendations, an internship will also keep you relatively busy and you’ll want some time outside of your work hours to relax and recharge for next year. Make sure that you don’t burn yourself out before returning for another busy school year. If you’re in a new location, give yourself time to explore and enjoy your environment rather than spending more hours in front of zoom in a class!

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