Question of the Week: Summer Clinical Opportunities

May 12, 2023

Q: Now that I know where I’ll be for my summer internship, I want to start looking for clinical opportunities. Where should I look?
A: Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  1. Reach out via the Princeton network to seek shadowing opportunities or even just chances to chat with local health professionals about their careers. Our HPA Shadowing Tips handout provides guidance on how to reach out.
  2. Google health professions advising offices at colleges and universities in the area and see if they have ideas for local opportunities for their students on their websites.
  3. Hospital/hospice volunteering deadlines may have already passed for the summer, so broaden your search to short-term opportunities like helping at blood drives or health screenings, or less intensive onboarding processes, like volunteering in an assisted living facility; anything else that gets you out into the community to serve the others’ needs.
  4. Train with a remote opportunity that will help you develop active listening and helping skills, like a crisis text line or the Trevor Project. See this document developed during the pandemic for more ideas.

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