Question of the Week: Summer Classes

March 10, 2023

Q: What’s the maximum number of premed requirements that I should take during the summers?
A: Ideally, try to take all of your prerequisite courses during the academic year. Professional schools want to see evidence that you can succeed in a rigorous science curriculum and summer courses are generally seen as less demanding and less representative of your ability because you aren’t taking a full course load. The more that you take summer courses, the less convinced schools may be that you’re ready for medical school. Summer classes also take away from time that you could be building your clinical experience and other important activities, so while they may advance you toward completing academic preparation, that may set you back in your experiential preparation. Sometimes it makes sense to take a prerequisite class or two during a summer, but it’s also important to choose which ones carefully, so please stop by so that we can talk about your preparation as a whole and have more complete information to provide customized advice. See our HPA FAQ for more advice about summer courses.

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