Question of the Week: Summer 2020 Plans

March 27, 2020

Question: Hi HPA – I’m pretty sure that my summer internship will be canceled. What should I do instead?
Answer: We’re sorry that this pandemic has created so much upheaval in semester and summer plans. Try to think about what you were hoping to gain from your summer in terms of knowlede, skills, connections. What questions were you hoping that this experience would help you answer for yourself? What did you hope you could demonstrate to admissions committees based on this experience? Then, try to brainstorm alternative ways that you might seek answers to these questions or demonstrate these competencies. HPA can help with this brainstorming once we have a better sense of the big picture goals you were setting for yourself.
Broadly, service to your local / virtual community is one of the first things we’d recommend—bringing supplies or checking in virtually on elderly neighbors, assisting on an online crisis line … there are many ways to get involved and more ideas will likely spring up as time goes on. Giving blood is another tangible and critical way to contribute right now, even if you may not ultimately put it on your resume.
Ultimately, in this time of crisis, it’s okay to not get that ideal internship opportunity—no one will expect it of you. Take care of yourself, those around you, and the greater community.

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