Question of the Week: Substitutions for EEB 211

Friday, Apr 19, 2019

Dear HPA, Do I really need to take EEB 211?  I don’t have any AP credit in Biology but I have a very strong background in it, and I’ve done MOL 214.  I know other students who have skipped 211.  I also have plans to take more Biology in college. Is it really necessary to do 211 or can I take another course as a substitution?

Without AP credit in Biology, we very strongly recommend that you take EEB 211. Though some medical schools have moved to competency-based requirements or have a broader “one year of biology courses” prerequisite, many schools still require one year of “introductory” or “general” biology. At Princeton, that sequence is MOL 214 and EEB 211. With AP credit, it’s fine to take MOL 214 plus at least one advanced (300- or 400-level) biology course, ideally with lab. If you are majoring in MOL or NEU, you could check with schools of interest to see if they’d be satisfied with MOL 214 plus core lab, since that will give you a year of Biology with lab and you’ll be taking significant additional biology courses, but to keep all of your options open, the safest bet is to take EEB 211. As an aside, be sure to check your public state schools’ requirements to check their specifics when it comes to Biology requirements – some Texas, California, and other schools require additional Biology course work.  

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