Question of the Week: Science GPA for Non-MD Professions

Friday, Apr 12, 2019

Hi HPA – I’ve been thinking about applying to professions other than medicine recently. Is science GPA still something I need to worry about? Is it computed the same way for dental or vet school as it is for med school?
Allopathic (MD) medical programs look at your grades in all classes that are Biology (including Neuroscience), Chemistry, Physics, and Math (see AMCAS Course Classification guide) to compute a “BCPM” GPA. Osteopathic (DO) medical programs computes a  “Science GPA” that does not include Math but does include Biological Anthropology, Engineering, Epidemiology, and Public Health (see AACOMAS Course Subjects Guide); veterinary medical programs have a similar system (see VMCAS Course Subjects Guide). Dental schools include Math and most types of Engineering within the Science GPA (see AADSAS Course Subjects Guide). Other professions that use a standardized application system (e.g., Physician Assistant, Optometry, Pharmacy) will have a similar subject guide – if you have questions about others, let us know and we can help you find that information. 

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