Question of the Week: Pros and Cons of Sophomore Early Assurance Programs

Oct. 28, 2022

Q: I'm debating whether or not to apply to sophomore early assurance programs. What are some pros/cons of these programs?

A: Princeton sophomores have four early assurance options, each with its own specific focus and eligibility requirements. Each program seeks students who have a demonstrated understanding of why they are pursuing a career in medicine gained through experience and who want to attend the specific medical school offering the program. Some pros of early assurance programs include: early peace of mind; flexibility in course scheduling; bypassing the costly regular application process; and becoming a better applicant simply by putting together an application. Some cons include: additional pressures that may come with a conditional acceptance; some programs requiring you to give up your summers; and having to deal with the unanswerable existential question, "What would have happened if I applied through the regular application process?" Read up on the programs and the medical schools and decide whether or not one of them fits your goals and interests. You do not have to be sure that you would attend at the time that you apply, but you do have to convince the program of your fit for what it’s offering at the time that you apply.

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