Question of the Week: Postbac Record Enhancer Programs

May 7, 2021

Q: Hi HPA – I know that I’ll need to take more classes after graduation to raise my GPA for med school. Is it better to do undergraduate science courses or a graduate program? Do schools prefer one over the other?
A: The short answer is, they care the most that you do well in whatever you choose to do. Prioritize finding a program that feels a fit for you as a learner – you’re excited about the classes you’ll take, you’ll have the support you need, you’ll be living somewhere that you’ll be happy, etc. If you prefer to do a graduate program, it can be strategically beneficial to get your undergraduate science GPA above a 3.0 if it isn’t there yet, so if you’re far from 3.0, start with undergrad courses. If you’re close to 3.0, you could do one or two courses before or concurrent with your graduate coursework to bring your undergraduate GPA to that threshold, but focus on graduate courses (your graduate courses will be calculated into a separate graduate GPA). Be sure to take courses that count toward your science GPA (e.g., not public health or engineering), and continue grounding yourself in clinical experience and service alongside the courses if you have the time.

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