Question of the Week: PDFing this semester (revisited)

May 8, 2020

We’ve received many questions around PDFing—keep them coming! We’re happy to chat about your specific situation. Broadly, as the PDF deadline nears, keep these points in mind: 

  • Most medical schools have stated their policies regarding the pandemic, and most are willing to accept pass/fail grades.
  • PDF’ing a few non-science and non-prerequisite courses during college has never been a cause for concern in medical school admissions.
  • Double check the policies of your public state medical schools and any specific medical schools you’re interested in. We’ve collected links to prerequisites websites for many schools that are popular with our applicants.
  • Through the HPA committee letter, we help schools understand the context around your academic performance. We will include information about Princeton grading policies, but also customize our letter to describe your own personal situation to try to help allay any concerns that they might have.
  • Medical schools review applicants holistically, considering all educational and experiential aspects of each candidate. Admissions deans have said that there is rarely if ever a single factor (like a single PDF grade or even a single semester) that will make or break a candidate. Your grade trends, course choices, letters of recommendation, and MCAT scores will all be taken into account as medical schools consider your academic readiness for their programs.
  • Chat or email with your director of studies, dean, or us if you’d like to talk about your specific situation!

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