Question of the Week: Medical School Stats Requirement

March 26, 2021

Question: Hi HPA – I’m hoping to fulfill the statistics requirement for medical school. Is the Quantitative Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology (MOL 290) course sufficient?
Answer: It’s hard to nail down exactly what medical schools are looking for when they ask for a statistics course, but something that covers more traditional stats topics rather than the topics outlined in the MOL 290 course description is more likely to be accepted. The Texas school system is pretty clear about what they’re looking for in terms of inferential and descriptive statistics. We checked with the MOL 290 profs and they do not feel that the course will cover the topics outlined. We would recommend sticking with a course that’s listed on our website (e.g., if you’re MOL, SML 201 or ORF 245 to fulfill the MOL requirement). But you can always check directly with medical schools that have a stats requirement to see if they’d find a course you’re interested in acceptable – it’s up to them what they choose to accept.

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